I love art, design, visual thinking and the world of the senses. I especially love the creative process that occurs while in these spaces. And they really are spaces—the mundane disappears and you are in a place of flow and creation. It’s a good reason to be alive.

I want to tap into the creative process and try to ‘see’ it—stop it in its tracks and peek behind the curtain. My attempt to write about this magical, invisible process and all the tiny miracles that emerge from it, is my way of catching a glimpse of the mystery.

Everything I love to do most relates to creativity. I try to create something new every day. If it’s not on paper or canvas it’s in the digital space at ImageSwim.

A land good for dreaming is… a line from a poem by Octavio Paz. This line is a portal to my favorite space–the space where creation happens.

A thousand threads: what this drawing means

A thousand threads: what this drawing means

I was recently in an art show called A Thousand Threads and was required to do a little explaining….

Imagine a thousand delicate threads connecting all things. If we were to feel theses energetic threads and how they connect us to all living things we would exist in a state of oneness.

What is it that stops us from feeling this blissful connection to all living things? Why do we experience this “one with the world” feeling as fleeting or not at all? This drawing is a literal translation of this idea and talks about connection and disconnection.

I use the king and queen in relationship in this visual story. Their crowns float above their heads telling us they  are not a literal king and queen but a representation of man and woman. Their hearts are fiery to show passion and are connected by a thread. It is not a direct thread, but one that meanders throughout the picture and a natural world of beauty. The meandering is meant to represent the difficulty of true and direct heart connection. The snakes that wrap their bodies show the kundalini of negative emotion that blocks each from truly “seeing” the other and the world. The king sings and butterflies come out of his mouth only to be intercepted by the queen’s snake. The queen creates beauty, as roses emerge from her palm only to be eaten by the king’s snake.

The needle in the kings hand is meant to represent hope. It is the starting point of the thread and is a symbol of the power we all have to create our own connections and reality.