I love art, design, visual thinking and the world of the senses. I especially love the creative process that occurs while in these spaces. And they really are spaces—the mundane disappears and you are in a place of flow and creation. It’s a good reason to be alive.

I want to tap into the creative process and try to ‘see’ it—stop it in its tracks and peek behind the curtain. My attempt to write about this magical, invisible process and all the tiny miracles that emerge from it, is my way of catching a glimpse of the mystery.

Everything I love to do most relates to creativity. I try to create something new every day. If it’s not on paper or canvas it’s in the digital space at ImageSwim.

A land good for dreaming is… a line from a poem by Octavio Paz. This line is a portal to my favorite space–the space where creation happens.

headshot half face 75x75

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Wadsworth. I use symbols and visual narrative to express the invisible ideas of the psyche in my art. I was trained in illustration and communication design at Pratt Institute and later went on to study for 10 years with master artist David J. Passalaqua. I work in a few different mediums and favor large scale oil painting. I am teaching artist and I founded an art and creativity school called Do Art! which was funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council. I have worked in ad agencies big and small and currently work as an art director and designer from my own studio, ImageSwim. I have a son who is an artistic genius and live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

I love to write about the invisible process that happens when making art. I also like to try to figure out things like visual language, how artists work and where inspiration comes from. I am collecting my thoughts and writings here and eventually, when I have enough written, I want to publish a book.

Below is some work I made while studying with Dave Passalaqua.